About This Blog


Welcome to Wayland’s Wall! This is a blog about… well… it’s about a lot of stuff, actually.

I’m going to start off by being totally honest: I created this blog for somewhat selfish reasons. I love writing and I find great power in the activity and I hope to improve my skills in this field. So, as a result, I created this blog. It forces me to keep updating it with whatever happens to be on my mind. What I’m  trying to say is this: this blog was created with you, the reader, as a secondary priority and me, the writer, as the primary concern.

But wait! Don’t go! There’s plenty for you to read here that I hope is somewhat pertinent to you and your life. I do end up covering a great deal of ground in the topics addressed so chances are there is something for you to enjoy or at least scrutinize. You will notice that I have Let you “shortcut” to the topics addressed so you can cut to the chase and check out the stuff you want without wading through piles of my other crap! So if you’re here for my stuff on “Social Criticism” you can go strait there without dealing with the stuff on “Religion” and so on and so forth.

You would also do me a great service to leave comments on my work. I’m pretty lenient in terms of comments but you can see my full comment policy on my comments policy page. You will also notice I’ve left my work open to a 5-star rating so please take me up on that. And don’t worry you can be honest. I won’t hate you… much.

And if you were feeling extra-super-duper generous, you are welcome to post my stuff all over the internet if you want. I’ve opened up my stuff to be shown on all the major networking sites with a simple click at the bottom of the article on both the main page and the article pages. If you make my stuff go viral, I might repay you with a batch of homemade cookies. I’m not kidding.


Go ahead! Try me. I dare you.

Lastly, you can expect me to update this site a couple times a week or so. As much as I’d love to sit at a keyboard and write full time, it’s not a reality at this point as I do have this nagging nuisance of a thing called “a life” I have to tend to on occasion.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see here. Feel free to comment, rate, and scrutinize anything and everything here.


-Derek W.


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