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A beautiful thing happens when two or more people engage in a conversation about a hot topic where no one is in full agreement. It creates tension in the most productive way possible; Ideological systems butt heads and hegemonic sparks fly! The walls of the normative structure on it’s well-established hillside of privilege shake and sometimes crumble apart into the sharp atmospheric shrapnel of social reform.

My God, It’s a wonderful thing.

US Navy 020712-N-5471P-010 EOD teams detonate expired ordnance in the Kuwaiti desert

“Ow! My normative social construct!”

I’m all for healthy debate but nothing spoils the mood faster than this asshole:

“well if u fuckin new anything u wouldn’t think what you do. Ur a retard lol!”

Please please please don’t be that person. And it’s on your own best interest I say that! That person never wins the argument. Sure ,they may feel as though they have but, well, we know better.

As of right now, there are no filters on the comments. Whatever you type will be published so enjoy but respect this privilege. There isn’t a whole lot that I’ll take down but please don’t be the one to change that for me.

What I hope to foster here is simple. I would love to see a healthy and RESPECTFUL environment of debate, even if that means that there is a sense of perpetual disagreement. Disagreement is not the same as disrespect, in the case of this blog. I believe that people are far too varied and far too plural in their experiences to ever fully agree on what could be described as “the human experience” and attempting to define and agree on said experience is a colossal waste of time: we won’t. Ever.

That said, there are a few things here that are not open to debate. One of these things is the legitimacy of one’s sexual (and gender) identification. How one person identifies is, I believe, arguable by no one but the identifier. In other words, how one person identifies sexually is non of your damn business and your thought on their orientation matters exactly 0%. Secondly, I am not interested in any theories as to who (race, religion, or otherwise) ought to have more say in a particular argument. If you are human and you maintain a consistent pulse, your say is as valid as all others that meet the same criteria.

What I will absolutely reject are the use of slurs and hateful speech with the intention of harming others. I don’t feel I need to recreate a list of these words here but know that, if your goal is to make others angry or feel bad or both, your comment is not welcome here.

So play nice, engage your peers, and maybe land that oh so sought after argument killing strike but remember, we’re all in this together and if you’re after a cheap win by attacking the arguer and not the argument, I will come for you with swift vengeance!


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