Chivalry is Dying but the Feminists Aren’t Killing It

“Dear Madam, I find thee exceptionally captivating and would be honoured is thou didst accompany me to a most excellent dance rave this night.”
“Thank you, dear sir, for the emphatic offer but I disirest not to be wooed at this time.”
“Very well, milady. As disappointed as the answer finds me, I must accede to thine own self-wisdom. Shouldst your position alter, I pray, considereth me!”
“O, I shall, good sir! I shall!”

I’m getting a little tired of hearing how the feminists have ruined chivalry for us  straight men.

A recent article/essay from Psychology of Women Quarterly defined acts of chivalry as “benevolent sexism” and since then there has been no shortage of responses to this redefinition. Why are the mean feminists making it so hard to be respectful? Why do they hate gentlemanliness so much?

And aside from the article from the quarterly publication and its reactions, the internet is a great place to find inane articles where feminism is pitted against chivalry. As if to suggest that, only one of these two incompatible forces can survive and, right now, it looks like feminism has taken the lead.

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Male Gender Performance and the Rejection of the Veggie Patty

zucchini burger

Mmm! So womanly.

Last week, my friend Sebastian and I volunteered to grill hamburgers at a public barbeque. We were both sequestered to our own separate grills and assigned a patty variety: Sebastian would be in charge of the veggie patties and I would be responsible for the beef. As the break between classes neared, we both loaded our grills in preparation for the hungry students that would soon discover free food on campus. There was never any question that we would push more beef burgers than veggie as that is usually the case with barbeques (beef is simply a more popular choice) but what surprised me was how adamantly veggie patties would be denied by the men.

The ensuing horde of students looking for a free burger made it impossible for me to keep up with the demand. My grill was simply not hot or large enough to keep the line moving without the occasional gap in service. But while I tried to gain lost ground and feed the hungry masses, there stood Sebastian next to me who, it seemed, could not even give his veggie burgers away, at least not to men anyway. Sure, there were a few females who approached Sebastian for a burger and even the odd man but for the most part, the male population of Lakehead University rejected the veggie patties with an animosity that goes beyond an aversion to the taste. Continue reading

Pornographic Prom


The snow has melted, the temperature is climbing, and Thunder Bay’s long winter is finally coming to an end. If you’re finishing your last year of High School this year that means that prom is right around the corner and, as we all know, prom is a very important event.

But it’s worth asking why prom is so important. Or, in other words, what does it commemorate? The obvious answer would be that it’s a celebration that symbolizes the transition out of the public school system. But, if prom is just that, a transition, why is it so tied up with sex?

Perhaps we have Hollywood to thank for this. What do American Pie, She’s All That, Footloose, Back to the Future, and Pretty in Pink all have in common other than a prom? Well, they all insinuate straight teenage sex surrounding the event.

We could say that these are simply fabricated stories made to pull at the heartstrings but if they didn’t hold some form of cultural weight then why would Mike Stone, of Oakdale, Minnesota, turn to to find a date after, as ABC’s Eyewitness News reports, “He asked more than two dozen girls and they all turned him down.” More tellingly, why would Stone turn to adult film actresses?

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