Chivalry is Dying but the Feminists Aren’t Killing It

“Dear Madam, I find thee exceptionally captivating and would be honoured is thou didst accompany me to a most excellent dance rave this night.”
“Thank you, dear sir, for the emphatic offer but I disirest not to be wooed at this time.”
“Very well, milady. As disappointed as the answer finds me, I must accede to thine own self-wisdom. Shouldst your position alter, I pray, considereth me!”
“O, I shall, good sir! I shall!”

I’m getting a little tired of hearing how the feminists have ruined chivalry for us  straight men.

A recent article/essay from Psychology of Women Quarterly defined acts of chivalry as “benevolent sexism” and since then there has been no shortage of responses to this redefinition. Why are the mean feminists making it so hard to be respectful? Why do they hate gentlemanliness so much?

And aside from the article from the quarterly publication and its reactions, the internet is a great place to find inane articles where feminism is pitted against chivalry. As if to suggest that, only one of these two incompatible forces can survive and, right now, it looks like feminism has taken the lead.

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The Kinder, Gentler Face of Islamophobia

Before I begin, I would like to point out my ignorance when it comes to the Islamic faith. I have attended some talks about the basic beliefs and customs and have engaged in conversation with probably only a couple of Muslim people directly addressing their beliefs. So, like many North Americans, what I know about the religion of Islam is not a whole lot.

What I do know, however, is the basic reasoning behind traditional Muslim attire which includes the western-perceived oppression of clothing that covers most, if not all, of a Muslim woman’s body. The intent, as I have come to understand it, is to appear humbly and modestly before the eyes of Allah and to shed all possibility of sexual objectivity from the worshiper. The same basic rules apply to the men but it seems that a great deal less of the male body seems open to be objectified sexually (as it is also in western traditions, if I might quickly point out!).

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